Scrap My Car Kent:

Whether you live in London or the nearby city areas here at Bn Car Scrap, we offer a FREE removal, Scrap My Car Kent and collection service, meaning you can sell your scrap car trouble-free; all you want to do is to enter your vehicle registering into the scrap car price from above to get your instant quote.

We pride ourselves on delivering some of the Scrap My Car Kent and salvage prices in London. As we effort with only trustworthy scrap car dealers and scrap yards, you can be sure of a flat service from scrap car collection to gaining your demolition documentation for your junk vehicle. People are frequently jumbled about the difference between a recovered car and a scrap car.


Car Salvage is for cars that can be made safe again or have suitable fragments that might be sold. Salvage cars are frequently fewer than ten years old, which means their parts are better and more likely to be sold or fixed, allowing the vehicle to get back on the road. There are loads of car dealers out there who specialise in spare parts for specific models or makes of cars, so if your vehicle falls into this category and you wish to sell it for details, it’s worth looking for this type of dealer.

A scrap car is frequently more than ten years old and doesn’t have any chunks that are value recycling. If you select Scrap My Car Kent, the whole car will be referred for removal and following recycling. If your car is a scrap car, it will be valueless money than a salvage car, making it harder to sell. Several dealers don’t want cars with no salvageable parts and will bid them lower-income limitations.

Scrap Car Disposal Near You:

Maybe your car has been intricate in an accident and wants to remove; we are your finest choice for a scrap car removal service near you. Otherwise, you may have a non-runner that accepts precious driveway space.

We are the top purchasers of all scrap cars in any form. Some of the common car ailment we see when collecting end of life cars is:

  • Damaged
  • End Of Life
  • Abandoned
  • Unroadworthy
  • Salvage
  • Non-Runner
  • Junk Cars
  • Water Damaged Cars
  • Mot Failed

Free collection service throughout London:

Don’t get trapped out! Some corporations may offer you money for your car and then charge you a fee for collecting your vehicle if you are in London. Our Scrap My Car Kent collection and salvaging service is free with specific cash payment as all our Company vehicles yield and meet the particular standards.